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Our services in detail

Our range of services is extensive and thoughtful. We'll help you find the venue that's right, manage the event and evaluate its success - and everything in between.

Our flexible approach is one of the things our clients like most about us. It means we enjoy working closely with you and complementing your team's skills. We'll take the time to understand why you're holding an event, who it's for and what the business is aiming to achieve with the event.



A seamless, flexible approach

The way we work means we'll feel like an extension of your team - exceptionally well organised people you can trust and who know exactly what's going on and when. And if you just need us for part of your event management, we'll be glad to get up to speed in an instant and add our expertise where it's needed.

You're looking to achieve the best possible results from your event, and that's what we're focused on too.


  • Considering the build-up, pre-event engagement
  • Understanding and focusing on core messages
  • Selecting a dynamic and appropriate format
  • Planing and evaluating follow-on activity
  • Ensuring the whole process is effective, enjoyable and a success


Venue search, selection and management

Our knowledge of the market gives us a massive head start. When we start looking into venue choice, we consider factors such as location, capacity, style and layout, accommodation and, of course, budget; and that's all before we make site visits, liaise with the venue's events team and negotiate contracts.


By knowing your organisation, understanding your audience and focusing on your objectives, we'll find the right venue for your event.


Content development

What exactly are you looking to achieve from your event? We can help to define your desired outcome and work on the positioning of your event. By agreeing on clear aims and core messages, we can then consider the best creative and event formats to use:


  • Keynote speakers, motivational speakers and facilitators
  • Panel debates and one-to-one interviews
  • Break-out sessions and workshops
  • Interactive audience responses
  • Audio visual introductions, stings and vox pops
  • Exhibitions and displays
  • Icebreakers
  • Team activities
  • Social programme and evening entertainment


Event branding

A strong identity helps to reinforce key messages and encourages recall after the event. We can work with your existing design team or create a bespoke design or 'look and feel' to run across all the visual elements of your event; including set, audio visual content, room decoration and all event collateral.


Event website

A bespoke website adds value, credibility and individuality to an event. It doesn't need to be large and expensive; but it is an extremely useful tool to engage your audience before your event, and to extend the life of the event afterwards.


A well thought-out website will save your team administration time. This online resource can cover venue information and directions, pre-event reading materials, agendas, presentation downloads and video. A website is also a good platform to feature event and sponsorship branding, facilitate delegate recruitment and create opportunities to interact – from twitter feeds, blogs and polls to feedback questionnaires.


We can take care of the initial design and build of your bespoke event website, and provide ongoing content management services.


Delegate management

We're equipped to plan and execute a full delegate marketing campaign. This could start with managing the invitation process, and follow on with on-site registration services and communications before and after the event.


Event staff

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands, one more level head. If you need additional people we can provide experienced event managers and registration staff. You can count on them to 'hit the ground running', so your time is freed up to concentrate on hosting and entertaining guests.


Speaker selection and management

Our experience and insight mean we don't simply suggest the most renowned speakers; we recommend the speakers that will engage and inspire delegates.


We work with the leading speaker bureaux so we can select from the best keynote and motivational speakers around today - from leading economists and business entrepreneurs to famous sportsmen and women and big name comedians. On certain occasions, the individual with a particularly uplifting, personal story to tell is the right speaker, even though everyone might not recognise their name.


Whoever it is, we make sure your speaker adds a relevant and memorable dimension to the event.


Technical and audio visual equipment

We make sure that we stay at the leading edge in what is a fast changing environment, and select the technology solutions which best fit your event and the people involved.


  • Full audio visual services
  • Interactive audience response systems
  • Video filming
  • Photography


Post-event evaluation

The hard work doesn't stop once your event's over. We review whether your business and event objectives were met, and use a range of measurement tools and methods to do this:


  • Feedback gained at the event itself - response keypads, surveys, verbal feedback
  • Feedback questionnaires – online, over the phone and printed
  • Focus groups
  • Event team de-briefs


Good events bring long-term business benefits, from increased motivation and sales performance to greater business knowledge and organisational awareness. By asking questions and learning lessons, we can all enhance activities and deliver even more benefits in the future.


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Our Main Services in Detail


Project and event management


Venue search, selection and management


Delegate marketing and management

Event and website branding

Speaker selection and management














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